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Vyom App Not Working? Try These Simple Fixes

Do you have an account in the Union Bank of India? Do you use the official mobile banking app of the Union Bank of India which is the Vyom app? If the Vyom app is not functioning properly and you are having trouble using mobile banking then do not worry as this article is for you. In today’s article, we are going to tell how what can be done if your Vyom app does not work. We are here to give you the solution to your problem. So make sure that you read the article till the very end. 

Vyom App Not Working

There are numerous reasons behind this. So check for a few reasons out of the ones given below so that you can take further steps to resolve that particular issue. In most cases, the issue might be temporary and you can fix it in just a few minutes. Sometimes it might be a network problem or there are times when you are unable to log in to the Vyom app. So we will state the major types of errors below and the way you can resolve them. So go through those issues to fix the problem so that you can use the Vyom mobile banking app smoothly again. 

Here are the types of errors and their fix

Unable to log in to the Vyom app

Vyom App Compatibility Details

You have to check if your Vyom app is up to date, if you have not updated your app then you might have trouble using it. So check the compatibility details of the Vyom app with the ones mentioned below.

  • The minimum Android OS requirement for the Vyom app is 5.1 and above (Android Lollipop) 
  • The current version of the Vyom app is 8.0 
  • Size of the Vyom app is 50 MB plus 

Check the storage and clear cache and clear all data if needed. All your app data, files, settings, and account information will be permanently deleted once you clear it. Also allow all permissions for the Vyom app including camera, contacts, etc. Then reboot your phone and try opening the app once again. And then change your login pin. If you want to know how to change or reset your login pin for the Vyom app then visit this article linked below to understand the step-by-step process.

Clear the Vyom app cache

Cache is an excellent method to keep your phone snappy, but old data can get corrupted and be the reason for Vyom App not working. It doesn’t hurt to clear it from time to time, especially if the app isn’t working.

  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Go into Apps.
  3. Find the Vyom app under See all apps.
  4. Tap on Storage & cache.
  5. Hit Clear Cache.
  6. You can also select Clear storage for a clean start.
Clear the Vyom app cache

Check if the Vyom app is down

There are a lot of times when the applications are down. That is why they do not function properly. So check if the Vyom app is down. Sometimes there is nothing wrong with your mobile. So do not panic and just check if the Vyom application is down. So try using it on another device and if it still does not work then maybe the server is down. But here there is nothing you can do about it if the Vyom app is down. All you will have to do is wait for it to recover n then you will be able to use the Vyom mobile banking app again without having to face any trouble.

Having trouble launching the Vyom application on your phone 

If you are having trouble launching the Vyom app then first try closing the app and then reopen it again. See if this works as this kills the bugs and helps the app to function properly again. And if this also does not work then try uninstalling the Vyom app and installing it again. This is a better reset than simply closing the Vyom app. 

Vyom app not working because of Installation issues

Sometimes there might be installation issues behind the Vyom app not functioning smoothly. So if you use cellular data then you might wanna check if your mobile data is on. See if there is any network issue. If the network and data are strong and all fine then head on to checking your device storage. If you do not have enough space on your mobile then this might cause trouble for apps to function. Also do not forget to see if your android supports the current version of the Vyom app. 

The Vyom app takes a lot of time to launch and does not open

If your Vyom app is taking a lot of time to launch and you are having trouble accessing it then sometimes the best solution is to restart your phone. This is the solution to all major problems with smartphones. Rebooting or restarting your phone fixes bugs. It is one of the best troubleshooting methods of all time. So just try to restart your phone and see if it fixes the problem and continue using the Vyom mobile banking app without any trouble.

So these might be the various reasons behind the improper functioning of the Vyom app. Just make sure that you use the tips and tricks given above if you are having trouble. Try the above-mentioned things and get back in gear at using the Vyom mobile banking app again!