Himachal Pradesh Jamabandi/ Land Record

Check & Download Himachal Jamabandi/ Land Records Online (Free)

Himachal Pradesh is a beautiful state in the mountains, and they do a good job keeping track of who owns which land. They use something called “Jamabandi” to record all the important details about each piece of land. Whether you’re a local, own land, or are just interested, knowing how to access and get these records can be really helpful for understanding land ownership and staying on the right side of the law.

Check and Download Himachal Jamabandi

The Jamabandi is a land record document that provides comprehensive details about a piece of land. This document includes information such as the land’s area, location, ownership details, type of soil, and the crops grown on it. It acts as proof of ownership and helps resolve land-related disputes, making it an essential document for landowners and farmers in Himachal Pradesh.

In this article, we’ll explain how to check your Jamabandi for your land in Himachal Pradesh without any charges. Just follow each step carefully and don’t skip any to prevent problems or errors. Let’s get started and learn the step-by-step process for checking or downloading Jamabandi, Khasra for free.

Check & Download Himachal Jamabandi/ Land Records

Step 1: Open any browser on your mobile phone, laptop, or computer. Then go to the Revenue Department, Government of Himachal Pradesh Official Website – himachal.nic.in

Step 2: Now you will have to scroll down a bit and then click on the ‘Click to view land record’ option. 

Check and Download Himachal Jamabandi Step 2

Step 3: Now you will have to enter a few details. So you will have to enter your district, your tehsil, your village, and the year of your Jamabandi. 

If you don’t know the Khevat/Khatauni/Khasra number, click the option “यदि गांव/खेवट/खतौनी/खसरा मालूम नहीं है तो तहसील/गांव में अपने नाम से खोजे” on the right side.

Note: Remember, if you know your Khevat, Khatauni, or Khasra number, you can obtain your Jamabandi by selecting one of these three options in the selection section and filling in the required information. If not, follow the steps we’ve provided below.

Check and Download Himachal Jamabandi Step 3

Step 4: Now, type the landowner’s name in the “name” section. After typing the name in English and hitting the space bar, it will automatically be displayed in Hindi. Once you’ve entered the name, click the “Search” button.

Check and Download Himachal Jamabandi Step 4

Step 5: Once you’ve entered the name, the Khevat or Khatauni number of the land registered under that name will be displayed.

Check and Download Himachal Jamabandi Step 5

Step 6: Now, choose the Khatauni number from the options (“विकल्प चुने”) provided on the previous page. Then, enter your Khatauni number in the Khatauni section, complete the given captcha, and click “OK.”

Check and Download Himachal Jamabandi Step 6

Step 7: Once you click “OK,” the information about your land, known as Jamabandi, will appear on your screen. This includes details about your district, Jamabandi year, area, Khasra Khatauni number, and more.

Check and Download Himachal Jamabandi Step 7

You can save a copy of the PDF by selecting the “Save as PDF” option provided below.

Check and Download Himachal Jamabandi Step 8

So this is how you can easily download a copy of Jamabandi for your land in Himachal Pradesh. Also, remember that this is not the signed copy of Jamabandi. So this particular Jamabandi document can not be used for any legal or official purpose. If you want to use these documents for any legal purpose then you will have to go to the Revenue office for the same. 

This document is only for information purposes. But always remember to check the land details of any land before investing in it as you will get to know the exact details of the owner, the exact spread of the land, etc. You will also get to know if there is any dispute going on the land and if the land has been a part of any sort of fraud or not. 

Hence always check the details and records of the land before buying or selling it. So we have now covered everything about how you can check and download a copy of Jamabandi for your piece of land in the state of Himachal Pradesh. So make sure that you follow the detailed step-by-step instructions process given above. Also, do not skip any steps mentioned above. We hope that you found this article helpful and if you did do not forget to share this article with your friends and family so that even they can benefit from it.