6 Proven Tips to Get HDFC Pre-Approved Offers Quickly

Pre-approved offers are the instant offers that are provided by banks to their customers. The HDFC bank also provides pre-approved offers be it for loans or credit cards to its selected set of customers. The best part about this is that, this requires minimum to absolutely no documentation because of which the process becomes extremely easier. But there are things that you have to take care of and do in order to be eligible for these pre-approved offers. So in this article, we will be discussing how you can get pre-approved offers from the HDFC bank. So make sure that you read this article till the very end as we will be discussing the tips and tricks to get pre-approved offers. So stick around till the very end. 

Proven Tips to Get HDFC Pre-Approved Offers Quickly

The HDFC bank provides a pre-approved offer to its selected customers. So if you use your account wisely then even you can be eligible for this pre-approved offer. The best part is if you use it really wisely then chances are that you can get a pre-approved offer just within the span of three months. 

6 Ways to get a HDFC Bank Pre Approved offer Quickly

1) If you have opened an account in the HDFC bank and if you do not have a credit card so you simply have to make sure that you keep a balance in this account. The balance amount does not matter it could be rupees 5000, rupees 10,000, or any amount. But just make sure that you have some balance in your account. 

2) Make an RD in the HDFC bank. It is advisable to not make a fixed deposit as the amount for the fixed deposit is comparatively more and it is just a one-time transaction. So it is advisable to make a 12-month-long RD in your HDFC bank account. And once you get a pre-approved offer then you can close this RD as well whenever you want. 

3) If you have an account in the HDFC bank and you have not received a pre-approved offer then what you can do is you can try spending more via your debit card. Increasing the spending on your debit card might do the trick. So to use your debit card more you can use it to buy groceries or to pay utility bills just try to increase your spending through the HDFC debit card. So the more your spend the higher your chances are to get a pre-approved offer. 

4) One of the most important things is to maintain a good credit score. Your CIBIL score plays a huge role in getting pre-approved offers. The higher your credit score the more your Creditworthiness. So it is always advisable to have a credit score above 750. And try maintaining it. You can do this by paying your EMIs on time. And do not skip any payments. Skipped payments can drop your credit score and it also creates a bad impression. So always try to maintain a credit score above 750. And also make sure that you pay your credit card bills and other bills on time which will eventually help boost your CIBIL score. 

5) Another trick to get a pre-approved loan is to use your HDFC account as many times as possible. So if you want to transfer funds use your HDFC account for it instead of using any other account. No matter how big or small your transaction is try making it with the HDFC bank account. The more you use the HDFC app or even their net banking for paying bills or any transaction the more your chances are to get pre-approved offers. 

6) Download the HDFC Payzapp app and try to use it more and more frequently. So try spending with the help of the HDFC page app. You can do your mobile recharge and other stuff similar to this using the HDFC Payzapp app. The most beneficial thing when you use the HDFC Payzapp is that you can get a virtual credit card with the help of the HDFC Payzapp app that too instantly. So this might help you in getting pre-approved offers from the HDFC bank. 

Now you must be wondering why banks give such pre-approved offers. So here’s the answer to your question. 

Why do banks give Pre-approved loans or credit card offers? 

We all wonder about the reason behind banks giving their customers pre-approved loans and credit card offers. Some people have this question that why is it beneficial for the banks. So here is the answer. pre-approved offers are not just beneficial for the customers but are more beneficial for the banks themselves. Credit card is the most trending product offered by almost all banks. For the customers, the pre-approved offers require a minimum to absolutely no documentation at all. Also, this is not a time-consuming process. 

Now when it comes to the benefit of the bank, giving pre-approved offers to its customers increases the sale of the loan and credit cards which are the biggest profitable sources for banks. So this in turn is beneficial for the bank and for the customer as well. The pre-approved loans are directly disbursed into your bank account within a very short amount of time. Also as mentioned above you do not even need a lot of documents. 

Whereas some people wait for such pre-approved loan offers as no collateral or security is required for pre-approved loans. Hence pre-approved loans are desired by many customers and that is why people try to get pre-approved offers from banks. 

The only drawback of these pre-approved offers is that these offers are only for a limited period of time. So be it a pre-approved credit card offer or a pre-approved loan offer it will be valid for an exclusive period of time. In some cases, an extra fee can be charged on these pre-approved loans or credit cards. This extra fee can be charged under the name of the processing fee so always see all these things and then decide if you want to accept a pre-approved offer or not. 

Things to remember if you want to accept the Pre-approved Offer –

  1. Make sure to go through all the terms and conditions of the pre-approved credit card offer. Read all the terms and conditions carefully. 
  2. The first and most important thing is to see if the interest rate is not very high. Always compare the interest rates before accepting the pre-approved offer. 
  3. Also, check if there is any extra processing fee that is being charged. 
  4. Do not forget to compare the annual fee and the renewal fee for the pre-approved credit card to other credit cards. Always check if they are charging you a relevant amount. Compare the charges and then think about accepting the pre-approved credit card offer if the charges are a lot then you will end up spending a lot of unnecessary money. 
  5. Go through the reward points, bonus points, and other benefit schemes for the credit card that has been offered via pre-approved offers. 

So make sure that you remember these things before accepting the pre-approved credit card offer. Also, we have now covered everything regarding the pre-approved offers by HDFC bank. We have also broken down the tips and tricks to follow in order to get a pre-approved offer from HDFC bank. So now all you have to do is go through all the points that we have mentioned above carefully and do follow the tips and tricks once you use this we hope that you will get a pre-approved offer from HDFC bank!