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How to activate SBI WhatsApp Banking | SBI New WhatsApp Banking Service complete details

The most important thing for banks is to build a good relationship with their customers. The State bank of India is one of the giants in the banking sector. They have been trying really hard to give their customers a better experience and eventually build a better relationship with their customers. Now they have gone a step further by laughing WhatsApp banking. 

How to activate SBI WhatsApp Banking

What is WhatsApp Banking ? 

We all have been using WhatsApp to chat and have daily conversations with our friends. And it has now become a part of our day-to-day routine. We do this for hours without getting bored. This also saves time and you can convey anything you want just by using your fingertips. Similarly, WhatsApp is also used for business purposes. Now with advanced technology, you can reach out to your desired banks without having to leave the house. How is this possible? This is possible with WhatsApp banking. You can now reach out to a bank via WhatsApp. This can be done to resolve your query. There is nothing to worry about as these messages are absolutely secure. 

How to Activate SBI WhatsApp banking?

For the State bank of India, this is how you can activate your WhatsApp banking for SBI State bank of India – 

Step 1: Save the helpline number of State Bank of India SBI 9022690226 to your contacts as SBI WhatsApp banking. 

Step 2: Then go to your WhatsApp and open the chat of SBI WhatsApp banking.

Step 3: Type and send a ‘Hi’ message.

How to activate SBI WhatsApp Banking Step 3

Step 4: You will then receive a message with two options the first one being ‘I am an existing customer’ and the second will be ‘I am not an existing customer’. 

Now if you are already a customer of SBI bank you have to type 1. And if you are not a customer that is if you do not have an account in the SBI bank then you have to type 2. 

How to activate SBI WhatsApp Banking Step 4

Step 5: If you type 1, you will then receive a message saying to send WAREG on 07208933148 via SMS. This is to show that you accept the terms and conditions.

Send this message to activate the SBI WhatsApp banking service by sending an SMS “WAREG” from your registered mobile number to (07208933148)

Then you will receive a message of successful registration for SBI Whatsapp banking. 

How to activate SBI WhatsApp Banking Step 5

Step 6: After activation if you send Hi you will then get a message offering three services which are 

  1. Account balance 
  2. Mini statement 
  3. De-register from WhatsApp banking.
How to activate SBI WhatsApp Banking Step 7

Step 7: Choose 1 if you want to check your account balance,  choose 2 if you want mini statements and choose 3 if you do not want to continue WhatsApp banking anymore.

Step 8: When you choose the option you want you will then be provided with the details you were seeking.

This is how you can use the State bank of India’s WhatsApp banking. 

How does WhatsApp banking work ? 

A virtual chat box banker is available to perform many functions like opening a new account, getting details of existing accounts, confirming payments, making any required changes, and much more. All you have to do in order to message the bank via your WhatsApp is to save the relevant contact number of your bank on your phone. Then go to your WhatsApp and open the chat of the bank number that you saved before. Now initiate a chat or send a message to that number. 

Steps to follow- 

  1. Add the number of your bank to your contacts. 
  2. Use the number that is connected to your bank account and is on the bank record. 
  3. If you call or even give the bank a missed call it will be taken as if the customer is ready to use the WhatsApp online banking services using messenger.
  4. Within no time you will then receive a welcome message from your respective bank and the number you receive the message from should be then saved as the bank’s WhatsApp banking contact number. 
  5. To start a conversation the user has to send a Hi. Once you have sent Hi, the service will prompt or respond with several options regarding what you are supposed to do next. 
  6. Go through the options carefully and then select the one you are looking for, note down the number of your query and send it across. 
  7. Your query will be solved within no time with the help of a virtual banker. 

How secure is WhatsApp Banking?

The General Data Protection Regulation enables the users of WhatsApp utmost security and privacy features. Because is GDPR there is no archiving of messages. The data of WhatsApp is secure through HTTPS and is also end-to-end encrypted which means that confidential information like bank payments, balances, and receipts can be shared safely and securely across this interface. It is important for a bank to safeguard any information given by its customers and to secure the customer’s data. 

Once you reach out to the bank with your query or request they immediately look into it and the queries and requests are answered within no time. The banks also send you updates via WhatsApp. It has in total two billion users worldwide. The end-to-end encryption provided by WhatsApp and its expansive network worldwide accessibility gives the banking and finance sectors a chance to interact better and more directly with their customers. WhatsApp also lets banks have a more personalized experience with their customers. 

Advantages of WhatsApp Banking

  • WhatsApp has a huge reach. It saves time as you can get the basic information regarding your account without even having to visit the bank in person. 
  • One of the biggest advantages of WhatsApp is that banks can communicate with customers anywhere in the world at any time as well. 
  • The messages are end-to-end encrypted. So the customer need not worry as their messages, complaints or details that they share are fully secure. So you can share your private banking information comfortably. 
  • Customers can resolve their queries on their own with the help of WhatsApp banking just sitting at home which saves time, money, and resources.
  • This also helps you have full access to conversation history with your bank.
  • WhatsApp banking lets customers have a super smooth and convenient banking experience. 

Disadvantages of WhatsApp Banking

There are lot of benefits of using WhatsApp banking but we can not ignore the disadvantages. The disadvantages of using WhatsApp banking are as follows – 

  • It is like mixing personal stuff with business.
  • Your phone is not just limited to your use mostly, kids or anyone can unintentionally mess this up. 
  • The details do not remain a hundred percent private. 
  • Your queries will be solved quickly but you might not get a detailed answer to your query. 


Will I be charged for using SBI Whatsapp banking ?

No. You will not be charged as WhatsApp banking is free of cost.

Is it safe to use WhatsApp banking ?

Yes. It is absolutely a hundred percent safe to use WhatsApp banking.

Can I check my account balance in SBI through WhatsApp?

Yes. You can now check your account balance and details using the State bank of India’s WhatsApp banking service.

I am receiving unnecessary updates can I deactivate my SBI WhatsApp banking ?

Yes. You can de-register from the State bank of India’s WhatsApp banking by initiating a message and then choosing the de-register option.

What happens if I lose my phone ?

If in case you lose your phone you should immediately deactivate your WhatsApp account by emailing lost or stolen to [email protected].